LMI stands for Labor Market Information.

LMI groups all information that could prove useful for people who are looking for a job, who must make a career choice, or who want to improve their current job situation.

LMI is also for employers who are interested in the state of the labour market or who are looking for skilled workers for their company.


Answers to frequently asked questions about the labour market:

  • What is the current job market situation?
  • Which trades or occupations are in highest demand?
  • What is the average wage for a given occupation?
  • What type of training offers the best job prospects?
  • What are the job prospects, by occupation and sector, for the next several years?
  • How many workers are available, by occupation and sector?
  • Do any regions offer a better chance of finding work than others?
  • What skills should be highlighted in a résumé or interview?

LMI Online

LMI Online provides access to a coherent body of information that is easy to understand, making it possible to reach informed decisions.

LMI must, however, be combined with other information such as the special skills or personality traits occasionally required by employers.

Consideration must also be given to your personal knowledge of the world of work and what you can learn from labour market specialists.

Two universal Emploi-Québec services

Labour market information (LMI) and job placement are two universal Emploi-Québec services, i.e., services offered to every individual and every company. These services are available at emploiquebec.gouv.qc.ca via LMI Online and Online Placement.

The Emploi-Québec Website also gives access to numerous publications that can be viewed online or downloaded, such as studies on the job situation and workforce makeup, analyses of local data, etc.

LMI is also available in the multiservice rooms of local employment centres throughout Québec. These centres also provide other tools to help in job searches and placement, including a wide array of helpful publications.