Construction inspectors (NOC 2264)

Job titles

Nature of work

Construction inspectors inspect the construction and maintenance of new and existing buildings, bridges, highways and industrial construction to ensure that specifications and building codes are observed and monitor work site safety. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, construction companies, architectural and civil engineering consulting firms or they may be self-employed.

Fields of interest

  • Crunching numbers
  • Keeping watch, protecting, and being in charge of security
  • Writing, working in communications and information

Main duties

  • Construction inspectors perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Examine plans, drawings, and site layouts for new buildings, building renovations and other proposed structures
  • - Inspect construction of buildings, bridges, dams, highways and other types of building and engineering construction for conformance to drawings, specifications, building codes or other applicable ordinances
  • - Inspect and test electrical or plumbing installations in buildings to ensure compliance with municipal, provincial and federal regulations
  • - Inspect steel framework, concrete forms, reinforcing steel mesh and rods, concrete or pre-stressed concrete to ensure quality standards and to verify conformance to specifications and building codes
  • - Inspect construction of sewer systems and pipelines
  • - Inspect construction sites to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained
  • - Inspect existing buildings to identify and report on structural defects, fire hazards and other threats to safety
  • - Inspect new or resale homes on behalf of clients and assess and provide reports on the physical condition of property.

Main characteristics of the occupation

Employment requirements

  • * Completion of secondary school is required.
  • * A college diploma in construction, civil engineering or architectural technology plus several years of related work experience or Several years of experience as a qualified tradesperson in a construction trade, such as plumbing, carpentry or electrical trade are required.
  • * Provincial certification in a skilled trade or as an engineering technologist is usually required.
  • * Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is offered by the Canada Green Building Council and may be required by some employers.

Skill type

  • Natural and applied sciences and related occupations

Skill level

  • Technical

More information

  • * Progression to construction management positions is possible with experience.